At Aestousi we aim to improve your quality of life and confidence through exercise. We help you build healthy habits that fit your lifestyle and provide you with quick and effective workouts.


Beyond the workouts, nutrition advice, and healthy living tips our values are strong with equality for all. Our team could not have success without the diversity in our backgrounds, approaches to training, and perspectives on life. These values are deeply rooted in each of us and that is why we pledge to donate 5% of sales from our Guides to The Colorado Freedom Fund and The Bail Project.

The Team 

Victor Ko

Allie Knobbe


Allie strives to help her clients find confidence. Her belief is that taking care of your body is the highest form of self-love. Allie loves helping people change their lives through wellness, and her goal is to make an impact on as many people as possible.
K.a Joben

Tia Hines


Tia is passionate about helping others achieve their goals to become the best and happiest version of themselves. She believes “health is wealth” and is committed to developing challenging yet sustainable training programs that are suited to each clients individual needs.
Richard Bauer

Katharine Moustakes

Trainer and Nutrition Coach

Katharine defines a healthy lifestyle by a well-balanced and sustainable routine. Her approach is based on creating healthier habits, gaining confidence, and building consistency through exercise and nutrition. If you are a beginner to fitness, have hit a progress plateau, or want to discover a better balance, Katharine is your go-to gal!


We would love to help you reach your goals. Send us an email to receive more information on the services and training packages we offer.